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Operating Hours: 8 AM - 5:30 PM

Morning care & Extended Care is available

It’s not about starting early. It’s about starting it right.
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Our child-centered curriculum at Lil’ Polliwog’s Daycare LLC is set to provide a strong foundation for the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. We contrive a creative and sound environment that feels like home and is conducive for children’s entertainment and learning.

Giving your child a head start in education gives them a chance to learn at their pace, practice interacting with peers, and develop proper manners, which may help them go through formal education with ease. We design programs that children can enjoy and learn from. By doing so, we develop their interest in learning. We amuse them with these routines and activities laid out for their overall development:

Breakfast, Lunch, and PM Snacks

We start and end the children’s day right by serving tasty and nutritious meals. We ensure to meet every child’s nutritional needs with the food pyramid as a guide.

Morning Walks in the Wagon

Exercise has various impacts on our physical health. It enables and strengthens one’s mobility and promotes healthy growth. Walking is a good form of exercise that every child should start with. We ensure safety during our morning walks with children.

Art Activities

Art can aid children’s growth by stimulating their brains, increasing their attention retention, and developing reading skills. We discover the inner artist in our children by giving them art activities to work on.

Sensory Activities

We encourage sensory play for children to build their nerve connections and encourage motor and language skills. We offer various sensory activities for children to enjoy.

Stroller Rooms

Strollers sure are handy equipment, which is why we provide proper safekeeping of strollers in our stroller room.

Nap Room

Rest is essential, even in learning. A good rest enhances the brain and permits the absorption of knowledge and skills. Children can rest comfortably and safely in our nap room.

Private Backyard

Immersion in nature benefits an individual’s health. We provide a clean private backyard where the children can feel safe doing different activities.

We also offer the following programs and activities that children can indulge in and learn from:

  • Age-Appropriate Toys
  • Daily Circle Time
  • Music & Movement
  • All Play and Learning Experiences
  • Morning Care and Extended Care
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Creative Artwork & Holiday Projects

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